Thursday, July 29, 2010

Runway Africa Featuring Korto Momolu

Tonight is the premiere of Project Runway Season 8! I thought it only fitting to post these pictures of these fashions designed by Project Runway's Korto Momolu.

I attended Runway Africa not too long ago at Epic Event Center in Minneapolis. This fashion show featured fashions by Korto Momolu, a finalist on Season 5 of Project Runway. I was a guest of Christopher Straub at this event. I met Korto before the show which was awesome. Many of the garments she created had a very bohemian-chic vibe, while others were just straight-up classy.

Korto Momolu and Christopher Straub

I am an amateur photographer, and I'm still learning about photography in low-light, fast-paced settings like fashion shows or concerts. For these pictures I manually adjusted the ISO (film speed) to the highest setting, which was 3200 on my camera. This makes the photos grainier, but allows you to use a shutter speed that is adequate for a moving object, such as a model.

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