Thursday, August 5, 2010

DIY Lace Print Shrug

This shurg is an easy DIY project. It is nearly a no-sew project, and doesn't require a sewing machine for the little sewing that is involved.

I did some research on how to cut this tshirt, but I did a lot of little trimmings as I went to get the shape I wanted. I LOVE when the edges of garments like this fall in that soft zig-zag shape. The inspiration for the lace detail on the edges came from this Threadbanger tutorial on how to do "graffiti lace".

For this project you'll need:

-large or x-large tshirt
-textile paint (I use Jaquard Textile Color)
-spray bottle
-needle and thread/sewing machine
-tailor's chalk or something similar to mark your cutting lines

Cutting out the shrug:

1. Mark out your cutting lines with the chalk. I gave mine a scoop neck and tapered the front panels off to the sides.

2. Cut off the sleeves, then cut along the rest of your lines, making sure not to cut through both layers. Also cut off the collar around the back.

3. Adjust the cut of the front how you like it. I ended up angling mine more, going from corner to corner, more or less.

4. For the back of mine I cut it up higher from where the hem was, forming a u-shape.

Adding the details:
*this is the fun part-- be creative!*

5. Mix the textile paint you're using with some water in the spray bottle to make a smooth consistency. If it's watered down too much the color will not be opaque.
My color went on darker than it appeared when it dried.

I got these spray bottles from Target and they are a fantastic invention; the body of it is shaped so that when you hold it at an angle to spray it, all the liquid inside collects in the corner where the tube is positioned. Brilliant!

The Jaquard Textile Color I use is great because you heat-set it with an iron, or by throwing it in the drier. It's much more mixable than puff paint, and not so stiff. You can find this at most craft stores in myriad colors.

6. Lay out the shrug flat, and lay the lace over the edge.

7. Spritz the paint over the lace in a sweeping motion that is parallel to the edge of the fabric. This creates the gradient of color (aka ombre dyeing).

8. After that layer dried, I went back over the very edge of the shrug (without the lace over it) to darken it more.

9. When all the layers are dry, iron away on the reverse side of the fabric. I used a higher setting for the cotton tshirt.

Attaching the ribbons:

10. I attached ribbons to the shoulders and tied them in the back because after it was cut the shoulders were too wide to stay up. This also creates a nice scoop in the back when the shoulders are tied together. Hand-sew a piece of ribbon to each shoulder.

*note: I always singe the ends of the ribbon with a lighter so it doesn't unravel.

And there you have it-- a simple diy shrug to add a little oomph to your outfit!

If you make one of these, be sure to post a link in the comments. I'd love to see!

I wore this shrug to Christopher Straub's Premier Fashion Show at the St. Paul Hotel. I met Christopher after the show and got his autograph, and he commented on my shrug (I was ecstatic)! I said, "Thanks! I made it last night!" (which was true). It's funny to think
that I met him that night and now I'm his assistant :)

As always...

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